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  • First United Methodist Church Mission Statement: "To make NEW and MATURING disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."
  • History of First United Methodist Church Tomah Wisconsin

Methodism has been active in the City of Tomah for 152 years. In 1854 the Reverend C.W. Kellogg began home services and in 1856 the first congregation was established; in 1861 the first building was erected. In 1894 a nave was added and in 19112 a basement. The Wisconsin Conference records for 1860 show the Church reporting 20 members and giving $3.50 for the mission program of that year. The value of the building was $1,500.

The present church represents several mergers involving two churches in outlying areas and one city church. On November 6, 1966, a merger was consummated with the Valley Junction Methodist Church; on June 18, 1967, a merger consummated with the Tunnel City Methodist Church; and on June 25, 1967, a merger consummated with Emmanuel Evangelical United Brethren Church of Tomah.

The General Conference of April 1928 merged on a national level the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church into a new body – The United Methodist Church.

These humble beginnings have, by the grace of God, resulted in the consecration of the current beautiful building. Those of us today do not forget our dependence upon other generations for providing us with a place of worship. Nor shall we forget the wonderful thrill to provide a place of worship for the people of today and the generations yet to come.

On November 15, 1964 at the close of the 11:00am service, approximately 200 people gathered for the ground-breaking service of the First United Methodist Church on Butts Ave. the cornerstone was laid on August 8, 1965. On this day the first services were held in the new church with he District Superintendent, the Reverend Herbert Thompson, delivering the message. A membership registration was made of all in attendance and placed in the stone, over 525 people attended the services.

In May 2010, the First United Methodist Church broke ground for a new addition expanding the space for welcoming, hospitality and small group ministries as well as adding accessible restroom facilities office space for staff.

What We Believe

  • Basic theology
  • Open Sacraments, We serve communion the First and and Third Sundays of the month. We use bread / gluten free wafer and grape juice so that all can receive the sacrament.

What It Means to Be a United Methodist

A United Methodist is a Christian who has professed faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, put his or her whole trust in Christ’s grace and promised to serve him as Lord as a member of The United Methodist Church, a worldwide church that welcomes persons of all ages, nations and races.

United Methodists Believe

United Methodists affirm the historic Christian faith as summarized in the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.

· We Believe in the Triune god, the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

· We Believe every person is a beloved child of God.

· We Believe in the church as the community called to be instruments of God’s presence and coming reign in Jesus Christ.

· We Believe the Bible reveals the Word of God.

· We Believe in the final triumph of God’s reign of compassion, justice, generosity and peace.

United Methodists are Rooted in God’s Grace

Our heritage is rooted in a deep and profound understanding of God’s grace, which flows from God’s love for us. Grace can be defined as God’s gift of freely given love and mercy. We can do nothing to deserve it or earn it.

United Methodists are Active in Fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission

Jesus calls his followers to action when he gave the Great Commission, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19a). This is the mission of The United Methodist Church – “To make NEW and MATURING disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” We achieve this through vital congregations that equip and empower people to be disciples in their home congregations and in communities around the world through The Four Areas of Focus:

1. Developing principled Christian leaders.

2. Creating new places for new people and revitalizing existing congregations.

3. Engaging in ministry with the poor.

4. Improving health globally.

To learn more, contact Pastor Krysta Deede or visit umc.org.

Life Events

  • Funerals, please contact the church office for scheduling a funeral or visitation from Pastor Krysta. She performs funeral services at our church and other locations.
  • Weddings, contact the church office and talk to Pastor Krysta for scheduling a wedding at our church.
  • Baptisms, contact the church office and talk to Pastor Krysta for scheduling a baptism at our church. Baptisms performed at our regular Sunday Services.
  • Pastor Krysta will be offering Confirmation Class in January 2018, for more information call her at the church office.


Rev. Krysta Deede, Pastor



cell 262-352-4353

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Chris Urmanski, Director

Noah's Ark Christian Preschool





February 2019 2 Newsletter .pdf

Pastor Krysta Deede

PASTOR PAGE February 3,2019

The year is already getting off to an exciting start!

As we continue to use our strategic plan initiatives to move the church into the future, the focus on worship is taking priority in the coming months. The first week of January I began weekly coaching calls with Cathy Townley, from Townley Coaching, to establish objectives and learn about our community. At the All Committee Administrative Board meeting in January, Cathy was with us GoToMeeting to introduce herself, the process and basic information from MissionInsite about a 10 mile radius around the church. Many who attended expressed excitement about the potential to reach new people, young people and diverse people as part of this strategic initiative.

I would ask that each of you consider attending the upcoming “Building Worship Bridges” workshop, facilitated by Cathy, that we will host at First UMC on Saturday, March 23 from 8:30-3:30. She has an outstanding presentation that really helps us think through how each of the choices we make in the expression of worship engage different people and also help those of us who are already regular worship participants to go deeper in our worship experience.

Plans are finalized for the mentoring program at Lemonweir Elementary School. You can read details on page 7 about how to become a mentor. It was a joy to serve as part of the planning team for this new initiative as we seek to be God’s love incarnate. The children of the community will definitely benefit from another person in their life to care and encourage them.

We were also able to meet all our financial obligations including apportionments for 2018 during a year when we accomplished the roof replacement.

I continue to pray that 2019 be filled with spirited excitement fulfilling our call as a faith community to spread God’s abundant love, transforming the world.

See you in church or in the community, Pastor Krysta

Building Worship Bridges Workshop with Cathy Townley

Saturday, March 23 9:00am - 3:30pm

This workshop is open to clergy and lay people of the Wisconsin Annual Conference. The workshop leader is coaching Pastor Krysta and First UMC as we seek to grow in our understanding of who is in our neighborhood that we have not yet reached and how to effectively reach a targeted group of people. For more information, connect with Pastor Krysta.


“Busy ~ Reconnecting with an Unhurried God”

Lenten worship series beginning March 6

The season of Lent begins Wednesday, March 6 with Ash Wednesday worship at 6:30pm. In the 21st century world many of us have come to believe that being “busy” is what is required of us and ultimately makes us a good person. Perhaps we have forgotten that God isn’t looking for humans to “perform” as if we must earn God’s love (or anyone’s love) through succumbing to a faster pace for more productivity in order to be “worthy.” How can we be “simply and honestly” present in this Lent season? We begin by repenting and “turning around” from unrealistic expectations and false beliefs.

United Methodists Shared Prayers For A Future With Hope

You are invited to pray daily with United Methodists across the globe now through Friday, Feb. 22, leading up to the 2019 Special Session of the General Conference, scheduled for Feb. 23-26 in St. Louis, Missouri. Together each day, let us join one another in prayer, believing that God hears every word.

Each Sunday: Gracious and loving God, we give thanks for your presence in our lives and the promise that you have plans for us to prosper and not be harmed. Continue your good work in our families and our lives. Help us to understand how we can make a difference – in our church, in our community, and in our world – as your instrument of hope. Amen.

Each Monday: Merciful God, help us to see the many opportunities before us to serve you by serving our neighbors. Open our hearts and our hands to both receive your grace and to offer it to everyone we meet. Amen.

Each Tuesday: Almighty God, we confess to you that we have not loved you with our whole hearts. We have often failed to be an obedient church when we have not heard the cry of the needy. Free us for joyful obedience that, where there are corridors of shame, despair and want, we might create corridors of faith, hope and love that glorify you. Amen.

Each Wednesday: Gracious God, I know that you are the potter and I am the clay. Mold me and make me into a disciple of Jesus Christ. Show me how to offer your grace and mercy in ways that transform the world. Amen.

Each Thursday: Lord, we know that when we make space in our hearts for you, Jesus redeems the broken pieces of our lives. We ask you, O God, that you will be at work in us and through us to make a difference in the lives of the hurting and the hungry in our midst. Amen.

Each Friday: God, we thank you for the gift of faith that carries us through those times when we cannot yet see what you are doing in our midst. Help us to walk in your light and to be a light for others. Amen.

Each Saturday: God of Heaven and Earth, as your humble servants, we know that the needs around the world and around the corner are great. Open our eyes so that we can see how to use the gifts you have given us to serve our neighbors and be in mission in the community and beyond. And give us the strength and perseverance to get started in this holy work. Amen.