Welcome to our Church activities page.

To look at December monthly newsletter please go to the Welcome Page, To look at Sundays current bulletin please go to the Ministries page. To see our church calendar go to the"FIRST" Page at the bottom of the page.

We are now collecting Pancake Mix and Mac and Cheese. Any other donations are always appreciated.

Pastor Krysta will be teaching a class on scriptures of the Bible.... "Making Sense of the Bible" Book for this is $17.00, dates for future classes 12/11, 12/18 all classes start at 9 am. Need more information call the church office.

November 29th thru December 21 Salvation Army will be ringing bells on Thursdays thru Saturdays. There will be one kettle at Molter's Fresh Market and two kettles at Wal-Mart. want to volunteer www.registertoring.com

December 7th 9 am till 11 am.... UMW Annual Cookie Candy Walk, Great sale them made almost $1300.00 for missions!!!!!!

December 9th Assembly and delivering Christmas Gift Basket's to shut ins. UMW event

December 11th our youth group, middle and high school students, will meet at our church at 5:30 for dinner then we will be going caroling. Bring a a friend for this fun night.

December 11th all gifts from the giving trees need to be at the church by today so we can deliver them.

December 13th, Friday Night, 5 to 8 pm Parents Night Out. Come bring your kids to church to be fed, played with and see movies while you go out and do some things you would like to do without them. More Information see Noah's Ark Page........

December 15th Second Service will be our Children's annual Christmas Program, "Joy to the World". Dress rehearsal is at 9 am on December 14.

December 16th 6 pm Noah's Ark Christmas Program

December 18th 5:30 pm we will be going Christmas Caroling. All are invited to go sing and spread some Christmas cheer....... If you want to go but may be late please contact the church office.

December 21 at 6:30 pm Blue Christmas/longest night Worship service

December 24th Christmas Eve Worship Services. 3 pm Family Church service, Traditional Worship services with Candlelight service and Communion 5 pm and 8 pm

December 28th One Service at 9 am No Family church

January 22nd Coffee with the Pastor will be at Natural Connections 1012 Superior avenue at 1 pm. Just come and visit and have a cup of coffee or other drinks.

January 26th at 11:45 am after church we will be having our next conversation on were are we now??? We will be discussing changes in our church and community around us. All welcome to attend.